Historical Plats

The City of Rome Engineering Services Department has converted historical plats to digital format for download at the following links:

  • J.P. Baskin (birth 1898 to death 1975) (GA.R.L.S. Number 98)
  • J. H. Hitchcock (birth 1908 to death 1962) (GA R.L.S. Number 139)
  • J. B. Lovell Biography - J. B. LOVELL (GA. P.E. Number 2889) (GA. R.L.S. Number 530) (birth1919 to death 1999)

Mr. John B. Lovell

Mr. John B. Lovell was an engineer who designed and constructed water and sewerage systems throughout Georgia. He served as Resident Engineer with the Georgia Department of Transportation and later as City Engineer with the City of Americus. He served in several capacities in the Georgia Society of Professional Engineers including President of the Northwest Chapter in Rome. He was a veteran of World War II.

W. C. Hall Biography

Colquitt Hall was born February 9, 1911, in Rome, Floyd County, Georgia. He was a graduate of Darlington School for Boys. He was a pioneer in road construction. His career traced that of his father, Lon Hall, who for 18 years as superintendent of public works and warden of the public works camp (formerly known as the "chain gang") for Floyd County.

During World War II, Hall took part in the construction of Battey State Hospital and worked with the federal government in the construction of Richard B. Russell Airport. He also was employed as a road construction engineer for the State Highway Department of Georgia. He was later hired as Rome City Engineer, a post he held until 1963. At that time, he was named Superintendent of Public Works for Floyd County. He remained in this position until his death on October 29, 1972. Hall was a licensed Professional Engineer and a Registered Land Surveyor for the State of Georgia.

In May 1979, the Floyd County Board of Commissioners drew up a resolution that the Fifth Avenue Bridge, which was to be replaced by a new structure, would be renamed the WALTON COLQUITT HALL BRIDGE in his honor. On July 25, 1980 dedication ceremonies were held to open the newly constructed bridge.

Thomas E. Williams (b.1923 - d.1994) (GA. R.L.S. Number 875)

Thomas E. Williams (birth 1923 to death 1994) (GA. R.L.S. Number 875)

Mr. Thomas Eugene Williams served as Assistant City Engineer for the City of Rome and City Engineer for the City of Marietta. Prior to his retirement he owned and operated Thomas E Williams and Associates Land Surveying in the Marietta area.

Luther Dew

Luther Dew (GA. R.L.S. Number 1020)

Grover H. Higgins

Grover H. Higgins (GA. R.L.S. Number 1053) (birth 1923 to death 1998)

Mr. Grover Henry Higgins retired from the Georgia Department of Transportation. He also owned and operated Higgins Land Surveying in the Rome area for approximately eighteen years. Mr. Higgins was a veteran of the United States Army and was a member of the American Legion.

Simon Fogarty

Simon Fogarty (ga. r.l.s. Number 1106)

Eugene M. Beard

Eugene M. Beard (birth1923 to 2009 ) (GA. R.L.S. Number 1316)

Mr. Eugene McArthur Beard retired as City Engineer for the City of Rome in December of 1988 having worked for the city since 1947 and having become City Engineer in 1963. Mr. Beard was a veteran of the United States Army Air Force and a member of the American Legion.